Sacred Tools for your Journey

Why are sacred tools important?  They help with achieving a result that is needed to work with people and help find the answers and even in healings.

How to use your sacred tools:

Drums:  Drums are use in may different ways. To Journey help, healing, mediation, and to also change the vibration.

Medicine bags:   The Medicine Bag is used for herbs, sage, tobacco, crystal’s, or what ever the owner wants to have in the bag.

Smudge Fans:   The smudge fan is used with sage to help move the smoke around a room or a person.

Talking Sticks:  Whoever is holding the stick is the one who has the floor. Then it is passed to the next person so that they have a turn to have the floor.

Ceremonial Blend Tin: Usage: To honor someone, Mother Earth or at a ceremonial event. Take a pinch of the blend and start in the East, speaking or silently honoring that direction, release the pinch to the ground or a fire. Continue to each direction South, West, North taking a new pinch each time. Now hold pinch of blend the up to honor Father Sky, and a pinch to the Center to honor Mother Earth.

With each release, focus on your heart, expressing your gratitude.


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