About Shaman Kam

Shaman Kam is native born with blood lines connecting her to three tribes,
Crow, Blackfoot and Chippewa. Kam’s linage comes from both sides of her
family. Crow and Blackfoot from her mother’s side and Chippewa from her
father’s side. Kam’s birth name or common English name is what she uses
in the mundane world, her native names are Shaman Kam and Little
Running Girl. Little Running Girl was given to her by a Chippewa Chief
when observing her short stature while walking, it looked as if she was
running to keep up with others. The name Shaman Kam was given as she
stepped into her power and work in adulthood. As she began to explore
more of her true nature she found that in the Turkish language that the
word Shaman, means Kam.

At a very young age she would listen to the elders tell stories and teach her
medicine and the ways of the tribe. Even though her father forbid any of
his children from going deeper into their tribal heritage, Kam absorbed
this wisdom and taps into today to assist her in helping others.

When Kam moved to the Pacific Northwest and met her wife, who supported
and guided her to dig deeper into her path and soul purpose.   Kam now walks
her true calling and connection to her essence supporting others on their
journey in life through ceremony, journeys and sacred craft creation.

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November 2019
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